Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's Going on Now

So I've been a little lazy in my blogging, it's true, and so I'm way out of date at the moment. So a quick overview:

-I graduated from college, summa cum laude. I'll be getting my diploma in the mail any day now.
-I moved to DC to live with Jeff.
-Jeff and I went to his parents' house for Christmas day, and my parents' the day after.
-For New Year's, we had a gathering in DC.
-Jan. 2 we went to Mom-mom and Pop-pop's for a general holiday celebration.
-Jan. 3 we went up to NYC, Jeff on the train and me on the bus. We ate a lot of great food and I did lots of fun things including meeting up with Michelle (for more info look at my Yelp reviews).
-Jan. 5 I was offered an internship at the Smithsonian, and ended up taking it.
-Jan. 9 we returned to DC.
-Jan. 13, my 22nd birthday, I started an internship at Amnesty International. I'll mostly be doing admin stuff, and working there Wednesday through Friday until the end of April.
-Today I got fingerprinted for the Smithsonian and made the first attempt to apply for food stamps, unsuccessfully, because they weren't taking any more new people today since they were full. Alas... I'm going to watch an episode of Dexter then try to make some vegetarian chili.

I start at the Smithsonian Feb. 1, hopefully. I will try to blog more.