Tuesday, December 25, 2007

in which the author expains the blog title in two easy steps

1. I love the song "Taste of Ink" by The Used, from which the line "savor every moment of this" was taken.

2. I shortened the line a bit to make it my personal motto. Basically it's to live life like I mean it. And savor it all.



First of all, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate. I will recap today, as it was a nice day. My parents got me up at 8-ish, which is unfortunate seeing as I had trouble sleeping last night and didn't get much sleep. On the way downstairs, camera in hand to document presents and trees and etc, I slipped and slid down a few steps and landed on my left elbow (which only suffered minor bruising and rugburn). But there was a casualty - my camera, which went flying, and landed near a giant stuffed sheep. Unfortunately not on the sheep - then it may have been alright. But no - it died completely. Of course it had been showing its age, and I was itching for an upgrade... I'm not ready for the world of dSLRs (mostly because of the price!) but I'm over just a simple point and shoot. Luckily, my parents had planned on letting me pick out a new printer, but instead will be letting me pick out a new camera! So it worked out okay I guess. Also, I got the big stuffed sheep - it is very soft and has good-smelling bath beads in its belly! (its tag claims it's the sweetest, cuddliest lambie in the world, and I think the bath beads are aromatherapy sleep-bringing ones).

I also got a puppies calender, some awesome clothes, Pocky, some gift certificates (Wawa and B&N), cash, some earrings from Grammy, and Marvel Eternals (by Neil Gaiman!!! see review on review blog) from Will. That might be it, though I have the tendency to forget everything. Anyway, it was good. My family really liked the gifts I got them, so that was a success. We all got Grammy one of those digital photo frames, I loaded up the pics, it rocks!

We had pancakes and sausage for breakfast, then I started reading Eternals, then took a nap, finished Eternals, did some other stuff... Mom and Dad rode their bikes (by that I mean motorcycles!) and I camera-shopped online.

For dinner we had amazing steaks (from the meat barn of course), delicious sour-cream filled mashed potatoes, corn, and steamed veggies. Also some sausage biscuits (they were the regular delicious biscuits/rolls [Sister Schubert's] but what mom didn't notice at the store is that each one is filled with a tiny sausage, which were more like hot dogs really). All in all, delicious.

I finally finished my anniversary chocolates from Jeff, they were pretty much the most amazing chocolates ever.

Mom, Grammy, and I headed over to Williamsburg at about 6 so we wouldn't have to trek all the way to Culpeper tomorrow. So here I am writing this and waiting (perhaps in vain?) for Jeff to call and wish me Merry Christmas. I really want him to, and he calls me on most every holiday, but I dunno if he's going to today.

Also, I have gotten almost all my final semester grades, and so far:
Study of Language: A-
Global Sex and Gender: A-
Magic in the Ancient World: A
Adventure games: pass (out of the options pass or fail).

Basically that's sexy as hell. Just need to know the astronomy grade!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

on snorkeling

I figure there's no better place to write down some of my true life stories.

Once when I was in Costa Rica, we went on a half day sailing cruise. It was a sunset cruise and it also included snorkeling. The journey out was rather pleasant. The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery. We sat around and drank water out of metal cups because the other drinks were alcoholic. We ate chayote squash which we were told is what is actually in McDonald's apple pies. We sailed into a beautiful cove, the water sparkling blue in the late sunlight. It was time for the snorkeling. My first reaction was to flat-out refuse to go. I am not a strong swimmer, and the ocean is not a place I am fully comfortable with being in. But after everyone had left, I thought that if I didn't at least try it I would regret it for a long time. I coerced my uncle into trying it with me, and we donned the necessary gear. The water was very clear but also fast-moving. I jumped in and looked underwater to find rocks not far below me and dull ugly fish picking at them. There was also an octopus nearby. I forgot to breathe, freaked out because of the fish and the undercurrent, and forgot to take any pictures with my underwater camera. I realized snorkeling was not for me, and hightailed it back to the sailboat. The rest of the cruise was pleasant, with a nice warm breeze and a beautiful sunset. I don't think I'll be snorkeling in the near future, though.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Home for break

So here I am, BLOGGING. Yesterday was Jeff and I's one-year anniversary (awww). Unfortunately I was somewhat ill so the celebration was not what I had in mind exactly. Though I can't complain too much since Tuesday and Wednesday were celebrations of their own :)
We had a fun time being on campus with no exams to distract us. Also my roommate was gone for the last week we were there.

So I was tired and feeling pretty bad yesterday so mom came and picked me up instead of me driving home. I went to Grammy's and took a nap while waiting. I had been sort of upset because I felt like I was ruining our anniversary and then because Jeff was leaving... and despite planning to see him again before he leaves for Japan it felt like the end of something... I guess because we won't have anymore alone time really for 4 months. No more cuddly makeout time :(

Anyway, I got home and watched some Law and Order SVU. I have started reading "Nature Girl" by Carl Hiaasen. So far it's pretty good. I also need to devour the next few Sandmans. I don't know what to do today. My options are pretty limited. I can sit at home and read, sit at home and take pictures, or sit at home and surf the net. Really exciting! Oh well. No car so... not much social opportunity on the shore. Dunno what I'll be up to the next few days. Probably obsessively using the camera, surfing flickr, reading Narbonic, Sandman, and books!

Monday, December 17, 2007


This is going to be my blog for everything except reviews! Expect details on my life, thoughts, flickr image blogs, etc.