Monday, December 24, 2007

on snorkeling

I figure there's no better place to write down some of my true life stories.

Once when I was in Costa Rica, we went on a half day sailing cruise. It was a sunset cruise and it also included snorkeling. The journey out was rather pleasant. The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery. We sat around and drank water out of metal cups because the other drinks were alcoholic. We ate chayote squash which we were told is what is actually in McDonald's apple pies. We sailed into a beautiful cove, the water sparkling blue in the late sunlight. It was time for the snorkeling. My first reaction was to flat-out refuse to go. I am not a strong swimmer, and the ocean is not a place I am fully comfortable with being in. But after everyone had left, I thought that if I didn't at least try it I would regret it for a long time. I coerced my uncle into trying it with me, and we donned the necessary gear. The water was very clear but also fast-moving. I jumped in and looked underwater to find rocks not far below me and dull ugly fish picking at them. There was also an octopus nearby. I forgot to breathe, freaked out because of the fish and the undercurrent, and forgot to take any pictures with my underwater camera. I realized snorkeling was not for me, and hightailed it back to the sailboat. The rest of the cruise was pleasant, with a nice warm breeze and a beautiful sunset. I don't think I'll be snorkeling in the near future, though.

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