Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lyrics to the musical Jeff and I created

Good Morning (lyrics by Jeff):

Good morning
It's another day of class
Good morning
You know I'd rather pass

But today will be different
Get up come along
I'm gonna burst into song

Random Girl on the Street (lyrics by Rachel):

Hey! Wait a minute
I think I've seen you before
You're that girl that I always see
Walking to the class that's such a bore

You're so familiar and yet
I'm not sure that we have met
So can you tell me what's your name?
Yes, it was that very same

I'm pretty sure I met you at a party

Turn-In Time (lyrics by Jeff):

When I began this paper
I would have rather done anything
I was mad, I was angry, I was more than annoyed
But now I have learned to sing

Turn-in time
It's the happiest time of the year
I just can't get enough
Of turn-in time

The Book (lyrics by Rachel):

I am here to have a look
For a very special book
A book that I can read today
I do believe that it's this way

It's over here upon this shelf
I don't think that I need any help
To find what I am looking for
Oh gosh these shelves are such a chore

Oh! Here it is indeed!
The very book I long to read!

Pasta Please (lyrics by Jeff - this is a shortened version):

When I eat there's such a range
Of possibilities
But there's only one thing I want
And that is pasta please

Pasta please
I think it's the bee's knees
Oh, don't be a pasta tease
I just want some pasta please

Bedtime (lyrics by Jeff):

Today was quite a day
I was glad to spend with you
But the night is fast approaching
We have one thing left to do

We had fed time
Read time
Now it's time for bed time

Sheep time
Weep time
Now it's time for sleep time

Tomorrow is a brand new day

To watch the abridged version (it had to be about 2 minutes for our contest, go here. Full version to come.)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

An assortment of stumblings.

Inspired by mental_floss, I got an account on StumbleUpon and started stumbling. Now that I've switched to Chrome (at least for now, we'll see though), it's a bit more annoying, since there's no StumbleUpon toolbar - yet. But Chrome is constantly getting better. I just need to remember to use 'incognito mode' for when I go to protected sites.

Anyway, here's a list of some things I've, shall we say, stumbled upon:

-It's pointed me to some great pictures and artwork.
-17 cool magnet tricks
-Heartwarming story about a rescued greyhound
-A nice list of pin-up pictures of some lovely celebs
-Amazing pizza guy
-WikiSky, which is super cool
-Pictures taken at the exact right time
-Food porn (aka really delicious-looking pictures of food)

That's all I feel like posting now. I encourage you to try out StumbleUpon, especially if you're bored.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Jihad For Love

Parvez Sharma's A Jihad for Love is the first ever documentary to discuss the coexistence of Islam and homosexuality. Like other monotheistic religions, Islam bans homosexuality pretty much across the board. This film showed people from various parts of the world (South Africa, Egypt, France, Iran, India, Turkey) and their personal struggle (or jihad, which translates to struggle) to find a place for their homosexual desires or acts in their religion. Some people clearly had an easier time reconciling their relationship with Allah with their personal tendencies than others. It was very interesting, and taught me a lot about laws governing homosexuality around the world, and a lot about Islam, a religion I knew little about. One of the people interviewed was a South African imam who had been cast out by his community after coming out, but was trying to argue a different interpretation of the Qur'an in the only verses in which it (arguably) covers homosexuality, which is with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. After the film, there was a discussion led by a professor of Middle Eastern Studies. A few things really stuck out for me in the discussion. First, the professor argued that if the clerics and scholars did not keep up with lived experience they would become marginalized, as has happened with Christianity. Also, someone argued that the movement for gay rights would gain momentum much like the movement for women's rights. Someone countered, saying there are a lot more women than there are homosexuals. Then a member of Lambda mentioned that while there aren't as many homosexuals, there are plenty of allies. As soon as someone realizes that homosexuality hurts no one, and therefore the marginalization of homosexuals is more harmful than homosexuality itself (as one Muslim woman in the film put it, "I was just loving, I didn't hurt anyone") and will see that that is unjust.

The film was certainly eye-opening, but left space for hope that Islam may come to see homosexuality as another type of love, and not as haram. All monotheistic religions have trouble with this, and some of the worst trouble comes from interpretation.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heroes: The Show I Love to Hate

I sort of can't believe I'm still watching Heroes. Granted, the first season was, IMHO, fantastic. It had some cliches, sure, but was clever and fun to watch, I felt. So I became sort of an addict, which is what they want you to do, I'm sure. I watched season 2. The first half of it, before the writers' strike, I was enjoying. No, it certainly wasn't as good as the first season but it was still gripping and all that. After the writers' strike, it went way downhill. That second half of the second season was just barely watchable. Damn, world, you need saving again? Can't you keep yourself out of trouble for about 2 seconds?

And then... season 3 started up. Some of the questions in the beginning of season 2 have never been answered. In fact, the storyline just pretended that never ever happened. What about the Irish chick trapped in the future? Dear god, did you forget about her?

Anyway, this season (although they're pretending it's 2 seasons... whatever) has reached new and amazing levels of tackiness! I know the writers have changed... they need to change back, or try something else! Whatever they're doing, it's terrible (or terribly hilarious?). Yet I still watch it. WHY? I guess I just love to hate it.

This week's episode featured Nathan being dumb and disappointing everyone, Peter being emo, Claire being all teenager-y, Sylar being mysterious, Noah Bennet being all secretly good, and Danko being a prick. Wait, you're telling me that's like every episode? Oh. Right. Well... we found out Claire can't get drunk! What a nifty ability! And Sylar is, again, only pretend dead. I guess that time when they were like 'maybe we'll make Sylar good', they decided to be like, nah, just messing with you... again. Sylar is at least on someone's side now... only not the one we should be rooting for. Unless you're just so disillusioned with the characters that you want them all to die. Wouldn't blame you.