Thursday, April 23, 2009

An assortment of stumblings.

Inspired by mental_floss, I got an account on StumbleUpon and started stumbling. Now that I've switched to Chrome (at least for now, we'll see though), it's a bit more annoying, since there's no StumbleUpon toolbar - yet. But Chrome is constantly getting better. I just need to remember to use 'incognito mode' for when I go to protected sites.

Anyway, here's a list of some things I've, shall we say, stumbled upon:

-It's pointed me to some great pictures and artwork.
-17 cool magnet tricks
-Heartwarming story about a rescued greyhound
-A nice list of pin-up pictures of some lovely celebs
-Amazing pizza guy
-WikiSky, which is super cool
-Pictures taken at the exact right time
-Food porn (aka really delicious-looking pictures of food)

That's all I feel like posting now. I encourage you to try out StumbleUpon, especially if you're bored.

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