Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heroes: The Show I Love to Hate

I sort of can't believe I'm still watching Heroes. Granted, the first season was, IMHO, fantastic. It had some cliches, sure, but was clever and fun to watch, I felt. So I became sort of an addict, which is what they want you to do, I'm sure. I watched season 2. The first half of it, before the writers' strike, I was enjoying. No, it certainly wasn't as good as the first season but it was still gripping and all that. After the writers' strike, it went way downhill. That second half of the second season was just barely watchable. Damn, world, you need saving again? Can't you keep yourself out of trouble for about 2 seconds?

And then... season 3 started up. Some of the questions in the beginning of season 2 have never been answered. In fact, the storyline just pretended that never ever happened. What about the Irish chick trapped in the future? Dear god, did you forget about her?

Anyway, this season (although they're pretending it's 2 seasons... whatever) has reached new and amazing levels of tackiness! I know the writers have changed... they need to change back, or try something else! Whatever they're doing, it's terrible (or terribly hilarious?). Yet I still watch it. WHY? I guess I just love to hate it.

This week's episode featured Nathan being dumb and disappointing everyone, Peter being emo, Claire being all teenager-y, Sylar being mysterious, Noah Bennet being all secretly good, and Danko being a prick. Wait, you're telling me that's like every episode? Oh. Right. Well... we found out Claire can't get drunk! What a nifty ability! And Sylar is, again, only pretend dead. I guess that time when they were like 'maybe we'll make Sylar good', they decided to be like, nah, just messing with you... again. Sylar is at least on someone's side now... only not the one we should be rooting for. Unless you're just so disillusioned with the characters that you want them all to die. Wouldn't blame you.

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