Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lyrics to the musical Jeff and I created

Good Morning (lyrics by Jeff):

Good morning
It's another day of class
Good morning
You know I'd rather pass

But today will be different
Get up come along
I'm gonna burst into song

Random Girl on the Street (lyrics by Rachel):

Hey! Wait a minute
I think I've seen you before
You're that girl that I always see
Walking to the class that's such a bore

You're so familiar and yet
I'm not sure that we have met
So can you tell me what's your name?
Yes, it was that very same

I'm pretty sure I met you at a party

Turn-In Time (lyrics by Jeff):

When I began this paper
I would have rather done anything
I was mad, I was angry, I was more than annoyed
But now I have learned to sing

Turn-in time
It's the happiest time of the year
I just can't get enough
Of turn-in time

The Book (lyrics by Rachel):

I am here to have a look
For a very special book
A book that I can read today
I do believe that it's this way

It's over here upon this shelf
I don't think that I need any help
To find what I am looking for
Oh gosh these shelves are such a chore

Oh! Here it is indeed!
The very book I long to read!

Pasta Please (lyrics by Jeff - this is a shortened version):

When I eat there's such a range
Of possibilities
But there's only one thing I want
And that is pasta please

Pasta please
I think it's the bee's knees
Oh, don't be a pasta tease
I just want some pasta please

Bedtime (lyrics by Jeff):

Today was quite a day
I was glad to spend with you
But the night is fast approaching
We have one thing left to do

We had fed time
Read time
Now it's time for bed time

Sheep time
Weep time
Now it's time for sleep time

Tomorrow is a brand new day

To watch the abridged version (it had to be about 2 minutes for our contest, go here. Full version to come.)

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