Tuesday, December 25, 2007


First of all, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate. I will recap today, as it was a nice day. My parents got me up at 8-ish, which is unfortunate seeing as I had trouble sleeping last night and didn't get much sleep. On the way downstairs, camera in hand to document presents and trees and etc, I slipped and slid down a few steps and landed on my left elbow (which only suffered minor bruising and rugburn). But there was a casualty - my camera, which went flying, and landed near a giant stuffed sheep. Unfortunately not on the sheep - then it may have been alright. But no - it died completely. Of course it had been showing its age, and I was itching for an upgrade... I'm not ready for the world of dSLRs (mostly because of the price!) but I'm over just a simple point and shoot. Luckily, my parents had planned on letting me pick out a new printer, but instead will be letting me pick out a new camera! So it worked out okay I guess. Also, I got the big stuffed sheep - it is very soft and has good-smelling bath beads in its belly! (its tag claims it's the sweetest, cuddliest lambie in the world, and I think the bath beads are aromatherapy sleep-bringing ones).

I also got a puppies calender, some awesome clothes, Pocky, some gift certificates (Wawa and B&N), cash, some earrings from Grammy, and Marvel Eternals (by Neil Gaiman!!! see review on review blog) from Will. That might be it, though I have the tendency to forget everything. Anyway, it was good. My family really liked the gifts I got them, so that was a success. We all got Grammy one of those digital photo frames, I loaded up the pics, it rocks!

We had pancakes and sausage for breakfast, then I started reading Eternals, then took a nap, finished Eternals, did some other stuff... Mom and Dad rode their bikes (by that I mean motorcycles!) and I camera-shopped online.

For dinner we had amazing steaks (from the meat barn of course), delicious sour-cream filled mashed potatoes, corn, and steamed veggies. Also some sausage biscuits (they were the regular delicious biscuits/rolls [Sister Schubert's] but what mom didn't notice at the store is that each one is filled with a tiny sausage, which were more like hot dogs really). All in all, delicious.

I finally finished my anniversary chocolates from Jeff, they were pretty much the most amazing chocolates ever.

Mom, Grammy, and I headed over to Williamsburg at about 6 so we wouldn't have to trek all the way to Culpeper tomorrow. So here I am writing this and waiting (perhaps in vain?) for Jeff to call and wish me Merry Christmas. I really want him to, and he calls me on most every holiday, but I dunno if he's going to today.

Also, I have gotten almost all my final semester grades, and so far:
Study of Language: A-
Global Sex and Gender: A-
Magic in the Ancient World: A
Adventure games: pass (out of the options pass or fail).

Basically that's sexy as hell. Just need to know the astronomy grade!!!

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