Monday, June 9, 2008

An eerie scream in the night...

I was at Jeff's house last night, and just falling into sleep, when a noise put up the hackles on the back of my neck (well, I would have hackles if I was a cat or dog, anyway you get the point). It was like a fairly long scream, like that of a child, ending in what sounded like a cross between laughing and crying. My eyes snapped open wide at that. The screams continued a few more times, but were moving further away. My mind thought 'probably a fox' but that didn't stop my heart from hammering and my hand from shaking as I switched on the light. I slept with the bathroom light on the rest of the night... Today I did a quick search on Youtube for "red fox noises", and sure enough, I found a video that's fairly similar to the noise I heard. Wikipedia says red foxes' vocal range are very large, so it's quite likely it could've made such a bizarre noise. The point is, red foxes are creepy at night, but cute in the day.

Also, perhaps I shouldn't be so paranoid about noises in the night? They're usually animals or just the regular noises of houses (which I still jump at occasionally when they're particularly loud or weird).

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