Thursday, March 19, 2009


First off, an interesting post about how Obama will change travel.

This is a bit 'old news', but here's Jeffrey Goldberg's article on his test of airline security. It's extremely intriguing and disquieting.

Here's a book I want to read about a guy who goes to Brown who spent a semester at Liberty. He's doing some guest blogging at Mental Floss.

I found a really excellent travel blog, Camels and Chocolate. Through her site I found many more, too!

National Geographic Traveler pointed me to Hacienda Zuleta. It is now on my list of 'places-to-go-to.'

It's official! There's a Coraline musical written by Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields!

Fool your sense of touch! Via Mental Floss.

Everybody's talking about F My Life these days. Sometimes funny, sometimes horrifying, often tragic, it'll give you your daily dose of Schadenfreude.

And that's it! Sorry for the vast amount of links.
Coming soon: my reflection on The Century Project.

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