Tuesday, June 30, 2009

boring explanatory post

Let's see - first off I'll say I joined the Matador Travel Network. It's wicked cool, check it out. I have many travel stories to share, so I will do some there (and cross-post here).

I've been taking creative writing which has inspired me to journal frequently. So what I may do is look up a prompt or think of something and write about it for 5 minutes. This is just an exercise to keep me writing. I would post the stuff here, and label it as fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.

I want to make an effort to blog more. To write more in general. Creative writing has fed my urge to do so, again.

Also, I got a netbook recently and I am testing out the browser Flock, which allows you to blog really easily and quickly.

I will be traveling for most of August with my trusty eeepc and Jeff and hope to blog about it along the way. We are going to the West Coast! Visiting Eric in LA, Patrick in SF, then going to Sacramento to get picked up by Amy who lives in Yuba City then driving to Salem to pick up Hannah then Portland, for a full day, Seattle, for a full day, and Vancouver, for two full days, then driving back. Jeff and I are taking the Greyhound from LA to SF and SF to Sacramento and back. It's pretty cheap. Also we got United tickets for under $300! Not shabby. Really excited about it.

I am working at Busch Gardens this summer and visiting with Jeff as much as possibly.

In addition, Tal is going to be here for second session any day now and we'll have sexy fun times.

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