Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello December, you're here already?

Well so I apologize for the posting dry spell. I have been busy what with visiting Jeff, writing my 10 page Ancient Greece paper, and having end-of-classes celebrations...

So that's it. My classes are over. No more undergraduate classes for me. My academic career is over, at least temporarily. Wow. I feel mixed about it. Certainly I'm ready. But there are people and things I'll certainly miss.


The campus is just beautiful, and there are lots of great places to walk and fun, spontaneous things to do. Not that the city will be lacking in things to do... but right now I don't know as many people there. Of course, that will change. I'll get to know and love DC, too.

In other news, I got an Amnesty International internship for the spring. Waiting to hear back from Greenpeace, then I've got to decide.

Blowout was nice this year, except I'm getting a cold.

I have decided to create a Tumblr. Not sure how much I'll use it, or how it'll affect this blog. We shall see!

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