Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Capital Fringe Festival

Through the month of July there is a Fringe Festival in DC. It’s full of shows that are not your standard theatre fare. I heard about it on DCist and saw several plays I wanted to see. One day Jeff asked if I’d like to go to “The Horrors of Online Dating” with him, that very night. I was off work that day and the show was at 1409 Playbill which is right at 14th and P so I said of course.

I got to the theatre to meet Jeff at about 7 and when he got there we tried to buy tickets. We were told they’d be selling them at about 20 ‘til 8 so we went and got salads at Whole Foods for dinner. When we returned there was a line for tickets so we got in it. There were no tickets left but we got on the wait list (second and third people on it). It turned out that everyone was able to get in. However, the plastic sheets that they were giving out (for splash protection) were all gone. Jeff and I got a seat front and center (I suppose, due to the “you may be covered in fluids” warning, people tried to avoid the front).

The play was a musical horror comedy about a crazy girl who kills people that she meets from an online dating site. It was hilarious and gory (lots of fake blood!). It was also pretty intense to sit in the front row since we were so close to the stage fighting and to things such as a gun with blanks being shot (though it was a black box theatre so nobody was far away).

We really enjoyed it, and left covered in fake blood, which made people’s reactions in the grocery store and on the street afterwards really amusing.

Jeff was conveniently wearing a white t-shirt.

I got wounded on the leg, pretty awesomely.

That was on a Thursday, and we kept doing a lot of things all weekend. Friday – a burlesque show (which I neglected to bring my camera to: it included fire spinning, walking on broken glass, climbing up silks, hula hooping, and more) and Saturday – karaoke with Steph, Greg, Suz, Nate, Carla, and Stan (again, forgot the camera – boo). It was basically amazing.

[The play was July 8, for reference.]

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