Thursday, February 5, 2009

Potpourri post!

1) Porn. Boing Boing posted the site Make Love Not Porn not long after I had seen someone looking at it. Just before seeing that, though, I had read an interview with porn star/creator Joanna Angel, who is asked about the lack of kissing in porn. She argues that maybe it's not porn that has caused people in real sexual relationships to kiss less. Perhaps it is the opposite. After all, real sex is a constantly evolving practice. There are fads and fashions in it, too. People aren't doing it the same way that they were in the '60s, not even as they were 10 years ago. Angel also claims that porn actors do it like they do it in real life, just more exaggerated for the camera. So how about that, Make Love Not Porn? What if some people DO have sex more like you see it in porn? What if sex has influenced porn, as well as vice versa? Of course, sex is a matter of personal choices; not everybody does it the same. The Make Love Not Porn site situates 'real sex' in a very particular context. According to the site, 'real sex' is monogamous, heterosexual, vaginal sex that you have with someone you love. But I hate to break it to you: that's not the only kind of sex! Not by far. Lots of people do it 'cause it feels good, with the same sex, non-vaginally, and with various partners. And as long as it's consensual, more power to them! Sex is a great thing; but you do what you're comfortable with, and what you and your partner decide is the right way for you both. And that might end up being just like something you'd see in porn. However, I do think porn, too, makes it seem like there's only one way to have sex, and might cause unreal expectations.

2) Tenshi tweeted me an awesome link that goes right along with the semen cookbook I found online a little while ago: The Testicle Cookbook! Well, people have been eating Rocky Mountain Oysters for a long time, so there you go. It's definitely more legit than cooking with semen...

3) Third topic for today: cold water safety! Randy, my awesome canoeing instructor, sent us a link about a boating safety cold water boot camp which, if you watch the video, will make you ALWAYS want to wear a lifejacket. If you don't have one, you could drown within 5 minutes of being in below 40 degree Fahrenheit water.

4) Bonus point! I am so tempted to buy some food from New Zealand because I miss certain things, and many of them can be imported. It's not that expensive... but I'm guessing the shipping is killer...

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