Thursday, February 19, 2009

a quick lament

Oh, computer, why hast thou forsaken me? Thou used to worketh so well, but now, you are super-glitchy and riddled with viruses, you stupid piece of crap. I blame it all on using IE for 5 pithy minutes when Firefox decided to kill my video-watching ability. And so, I've been misunderstanding TechSpot articles for the last 3 hours in a vain attempt to pretend I know anything at all about the deeper workings of this hellspawned machine. 'Giving up and taking it to IT' is sounding like a good option, except they like to say, "we'll let you know before we reboot your hard drive" (that's their inevitable solution), then give you your computer back 3 weeks later, saying "ha, you dumb bastard, we rebooted it anyway!" And if you didn't back up your stuff, well, you're SOL. I think they thrive off of that tiny bit of power. It's sad, really.

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