Monday, November 9, 2009

New Apartment!

above: the loft
above: view from our balcony
above: the bathroom
above: stairs to the loft, below: bed alcove

Oh man, I was doing so well on a post a day until this weekend. Let's just say it was a good weekend but rather tiring and with little down time to spare for blogging. Friday I went to my job interview (mixed) and recently my friend Sarah told me the company is going bankrupt, so... I suppose it's okay that I probably didn't do very well in the interview (I hate job interviews...).

After that and the horrors of driving back to Jeff's house (thanks to the GPS telling me to go all the way back on 50, the worst possible route, and me not knowing the area well enough to go a different way - so I'm not sure how I feel about my first time using a GPS while driving), Jeff and I got bagels at Einstein's and then headed into DC to check out some apartments. The first we went to was in the same house Jeff had looked at a room in before, but that room had been taken but it just so happened that two other rooms in the house were vacated at the same time. So we took a look at both of them, shown to us by Tia, the girl who was moving out of the first room Jeff looked at (who is totally awesome by the way). The first room we say was #4. It was on the 3rd floor right at the top of the stairs. Both Jeff and I were instantly taken by it. It has a loft and a balcony, and is lovely. We also saw #5 which was much smaller. Tia had said the landlord was awesome, and the house itself was very nice, too. More on that later.

We then left and checked out the nearby organic market and also the hip bar/restaurant/bookstore Busboys and Poets. We had another apartment to view at 7, and this one was really close by, too. It was sort of a condo but mostly an efficiency apartment. You open the door and there is the tiny room, with a bathroom, closet, and kitchen. That's it. Though the kitchen had brand new appliances (the fridge was HUGE) and was really nice (the one in the other house is pretty small, well about the same size but shared).

After that we actually ate at Busboys and Poets which is rather delicious. I had a poached pear salad because my toothache is coming back (although at this point potentially receding again). We talked about how much we liked the first room and how much we were going to call the landlord immediately and try to sign the lease. After dinner we went outside and both called our respective moms. Then Jeff called the landlord and we set up an appointment for the next day at 7 to sign the lease.

Saturday we helped Greg and Steph move into their new apartment (also it turns out Suz was moving in that day too). We left to go into DC at 4:15. We had dinner at Love Cafe (which is affiliated with Cake Love). My black bean quesadilla was delicious. Then we shared a cupcake. The icing: awesome. The cake part: highly disappointing. Sad face. After that we made our way to 13th and Fairmont which is where the house is. We met with Ernest, the landlord, at a little after 7 and went over the lease and signed it! It is going to be so awesome. Jeff is moving in December 1st and I am moving in after exams are done (the 15th perhaps). Other tidbits: a maid comes every other week to clean the common spaces (but you have to do your own dishes - it's an added bit actually in the lease which I am very pleased about), we have a little atticy type space up in the loft, there's already a dresser in there (and a bed which we'll probably replace though), and did I mention we have our own bathroom? Also we got the keys already and the landlord is fine with us moving stuff in early. Though we need to copy the keys for me.

In our boundless excitement we went to Ikea on Sunday and several furniture stores in Potomac Mills. We weren't actually ready to buy anything - but also I'd never been to Ikea. So it was fun! Now I can't even concentrate on school a little bit!

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