Thursday, January 29, 2009

Help! I can't stop thinking about New Zealand!

So today I was checking to see what companies will be at Friday's job fair, which I plan to attend to search for internships. Randomly, AustraLearn will be there. In the description on the site with the companies, it mentioned they took students for study abroad (obvious) but also for internships in Australia and New Zealand. And suddenly I started daydreaming about having a summer internship in NZ, most likely in Welly (do I just want to avoid summer or something?). It sounds incredibly amazing. Expensive, but it would be amazing. It's not even really an option, but... is it healthy for a girl to have a dream? I mean, not only do I know I love New Zealand, but I even have friends there! I could go visit Jane in QT (or maybe she'd be coming up), Jenn and possibly Jenny and Brandon in Auckland, and down to Dunners maybe... I don't know where Tim and Sarah would be, but I could potentially see them. And if I'm there for winter holidays, maybe Liam would even be coming to Welly! So you can see this wasn't just a fleeting wish, but a distinctly detailed fantasy. Some New Zealand internships, I discovered, even pay! Which would help offset the cost of going over there. It might even be possible to get an extra job on the side. If only, I'm thinking, I could afford it. Oh what a wonderful summer/winter that would be! Another possibility my mind ran to was this, and it involves a lot of ifs: say I get the EPA job this summer, and save up a decent amount of cash. Say I also manage to graduate one semester early. What do I do that final semester? How about a summer (slash fall) internship in NZ! Through my 4:30 to 6 class I couldn't stop daydreaming about NZ. I miss it. I miss Dunners. I miss Amy. I miss all the beauty and all the awesomeness. Dear lord, I need to go back. And the sooner the better.

But there was also that brief thought about working in London for a while. Could that be accomplished this summer? Basically I've got the wanderlust thing going on all the time. I'm doomed.

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