Saturday, January 31, 2009

Outrageous News of the week

This first one is unbelievable.

So, Cash4Gold, that skeevy company that you can just send in your old gold to and get money back, was reviewed on a blog called This blog told how Cash4Gold will offer you way less than the gold is worth (though I was surprised, because I always assumed it was a complete and total scam, but I guess it's only a ripoff). Anyway, Consumerist picked up the story, so it was one of the top Google results for Cash4Gold. Recently, Cash4Gold decided to hire a marketing company to clean up its image. This led to the blogger being offered $3,000 to take down the blog post! Incredible.

via Consumerist

The other story is also outrageous. Outrageously adorable!

A mailman in the UK is just doing his rounds on a cold day when he spots an apparently abandoned otter pup on the side of the road. So he picks it up and carries it around in his mailbag, taking it to a car rally. He fed the little girl kitten milk through a pen tube. There are adorable pictures here.

via mental floss

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