Friday, October 16, 2009

Climate Change

So, I missed Blog Action Day slightly (because I was writing a Flat Hat article instead, which I'll put up tomorrow). Oops. The topic was climate change. I agree that climate change is a pertinent, important issue. Through polluting our environment we are making a negative impact on our earth, and it is really up to us to stop that. Seas are rising; soon there will be less beautiful places to travel to (and by that I'm implying everywhere is beautiful, not that being close to sea level makes a place beautiful). The place I'm from is not very high off sea level, and I worry that might be affected. I try to reduce my negative impact on the environment by recycling and making eco-friendly choices when possible. But even if I could eliminate my impact entirely, one person's efforts are not nearly enough. Individuals, though certainly they can help, cannot effect the kind of change necessary to repair the nature we've harmed. We need to get governments to pass laws which will stop manufacturers from polluting, and will cause automobile designers to make greener cars, among so many other things. Perhaps this is nothing new, and isn't saying much. But it is just a plea to care about climate change, and start taking steps in your own life to be a better friend to the environment. Also, check out other blogs that participated here.

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