Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My day in snippets

Two men handing out the little green pocket New Testaments outside of the Caf.
All-vegetarian food at the Caf, which elicited many outraged comments, especially from males and athletes.
Gorgeous Cheese Shop employee, extremely enthusiastic about cheese, hands me a sample of the cheese of the day.
Man and woman on a trike with a little dog in a bag in the back.
Guy on a stool in CW shouting about salvation. His friends try to hand me a card but I reject it.
Sat on Sunken Gardens and read.
Extremely long class.
Tea and chat with Kat at the Grind.
Dinner with Kat and Reland.
Took Edris to get his ear pierced.
Icing girl: "But you two make such a cute couple!"
Her boyfriend telling me about all the hot babes and MILFs who come into B&N.
B&N employee who knows my family.
Vegging out at Juggling Club.

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