Monday, July 20, 2009

thank god it's fatal

That is a line from "Heretics" by Andrew Bird. I watched the Twilight movie today, and enjoyed it but not as much as the book. The line "thank god it's fatal" seems to summarize how Bella feels about becoming a vampire... she wants to die and become immortal. And when in New Moon (spoiler alert!) Edward goes to try to kill himself by provoking the Italian Mafia vampires, he's thinking the same sort of thing. In the end, eventually, life is fatal. And it's probably a good thing - do you really, really want to live forever? Each year would be barely meaningful at all - so much for living.

Another thing I wanted to share is how terribly awful a character Edward Cullen is. He's a creepy stalker, which is waaay more apparent in the movie (in the book you see his actions veiled through Bella's justifications). And he's so controlling and emotionally abusive... if not physically abusive (arguable). He wants Bella's blood, at least at first, and that seems like an unhealthy way to start a relationship. They end up becoming sickeningly codependent. Once Bella's a vampire, sure, the relationship is a lot more normal and healthy, but still, all that time in between. Jacob is so much better for her.... ugh. F*CK YOU EDWARD!!! Inspired by the previous lyric and my dislike for Edward, I wrote a poem from Edward's POV. (YES, I actually did this. Do with that what you will.). This poem is called "I would but I won't":

I would touch you but I can't
resist the thump-thump of
your weak little heart.
Don't let yourself get close
or my claws might come out
like a cat on the chase.

I would love you but I won't
since you're china-fragile
and I can't drop you or let
you break and shatter on
the floor. I need a fix of
your sweet drug sometimes
so I will keep you alive.

I will simply hurt you instead
because I'm fairly sure
my incisors would hurt worse
on your neck, and your heart
is the only wound I'll allow.

Damned sadistic bastard. Oh, and yes, I am addicted to TV Tropes thanks to that xkcd comic.

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