Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day as a meat eater (for a month)

Well, today has been rather uneventful. I had a cheese sandwich for lunch (typical). I got some Croakies for my sunglasses and ordered my textbooks online. I went with my mom to Wendy's (since Johnno's was closed for some reason) and got a burger. Because I know I'll miss burgers... wish I could have gone to Ray's Hell Burger before this... but oh well. I think I will get cravings, not unlike my Outback Steakhouse cheese fry cravings I got in New Zealand. But I lived without those for 5 months, so I think I can bear the meat cravings for only one month. And besides, maybe I won't miss meat as much as I imagine. Maybe it'll be completely fine. I have been mainly living off of macaroni and cheese recently, anyway. But if I start craving beef jerky, I'll know I'm in trouble (I hate the stuff)...

I will blog about what I eat, and also what I'm up to, since after all I'm flying out to LA on Tuesday. My Jeopardy tickets have been confirmed. Trebek, here we come!

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