Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trivia at Ri Ra

I'm visiting Jeff this week in Fairfax, and we've already kicked off the fun activities. Last night, Carla and her friend Mary came over and we ordered delivery Indian from Masala Wok and started playing Settlers of Catan with the Cities and Knights expansion. The delivery got there with little time to spare and we ate (though I had to switch my pepper fry for Carla's chicken masala because mine was way too spicy for me, sadly). Then we drove to the Dunn Loring metro station and rode to Clarendon. Jeff had found a website showing DC bars' trivia nights. So we went to Ri Ra, an Irish pub on Wilson Blvd. It was a pretty classy pub, and we sat upstairs, though unfortunately next to some smokers. Not long after we got some trivia paper, including the first round which was cryptic movie titles in pictures. We got all of them right - my most proud one was a picture of orange juice and the book A Million Little Pieces, and the answer was Pulp Fiction. After the first three rounds, we were tied for second place, Alex Cross joined us, and I had just gotten pineapple juice. Later, Carla, Mary, and I shared a Raspberry Framboise, which is a Belgian Lambic and came in a large wine-size bottle. It was not too sweet, quite fruity, and didn't taste like alcohol. Basically - delicious! At the end of the six rounds, we weren't even in fifth. Still, it was a fun night. We went back to Jeff's and finished Catan - I lost miserably.

Ri Ra is a great place to do trivia. The announcer sang bits of songs for the music round. The questions were spaced well, and it was well attended but not hugely crowded.

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