Friday, January 11, 2008

today in the life of me

Roseland, originally uploaded by marichica88.

I got up at 9 to see if Jeff was on... he wasn't, and by 10, after I had been reading Narbonic I was tired so I went back to bed until noon, then was lazy and didn't finish eating lunch until 2. I checked the mail and had to go back to the post office for 5 more packages (I'm up to 15 books now). Then I decided since it was nice out I would go walk in Onancock and take some pictures. Then I laid around reading til Mom got home and we had dinner. Not long after that Jeff was on and we talked on Skype for about an hour. Good times! Jeff Black and Corbin are over so I guess there will be some Rock Band later. Tomorrow mom and I are going to Salisbury and then there's going to be a birthday dinner for me at home, then Sunday on my actual birthday we're going to the Mexican place, also for my birthday. :) I am probably going back to W&M on Monday. Looks like I don't have a job at the Grind... I guess I'll see about the rock wall. I am really in love with Jeff. That's about it. :)

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