Tuesday, January 15, 2008


dark tree against sky, originally uploaded by marichica88.

everything - that is what reminds me of you.
coming back to school, I thought friends would be a comfort,
but at least at first it rings of emptiness - there is no you,
and there is everything to make me think of you.
the friends we have in common,
the place we live,
my bed,
my juggling balls,
a particular situation I think would amuse you,
a movie,
nearly every song,
every inch of this campus,
things that you made me,
things we made or won together,
some juice you gave me,
even the sprinkling of snow today.
it is these things - and more -
that make me think of you.
you are constantly on my mind and -
everything teases of your presence,
but the only place it really is, is inside.
or everywhere. depending on how you look at it.

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