Sunday, August 9, 2009

The day of the Greyhound

Today was the grand greyhound bus trip. Yes, it was long. Yes, we went through monotonous scenery for hours and hours. Yes, we had to get up early just to wait an hour at the bus station. But it was all worth the whole arriving in San Francisco part. Los Angeles was fun - don't get me wrong - but if I had to describe it I would say it is a conglomeration of suburbs as opposed to a real city. It's so sprawling, and besides that, even nice-looking neighborhoods have the potential to be really dangerous. So seeing the skyline of San Francisco was a fresh new start (and besides, the air is really fresher - not so smoggy). On the bus Jeff and I read a Cosmo together, and read books. There was a stop in the middle of fucking nowhere when we got some burritos at Taco Bell. Got to SF around 7 pm. Patrick picked us up and promptly got on the Bay Bridge going back towards Oakland by accident. We got off at Treasure Island and it turned out to be a lovely view of the city. Let me tell you - it's cold here, at least at night. I knew to expect that, but still… anyway, then Patrick drove us to his highly swanky and awesome apartment which is located at 952 Oak Street which is in… Hayes Valley and/or Central North SF, I can't really tell on Google Maps. It's nice, and very close to those Full House opening credits houses. We walked through a neat little park to get here (up a big old hill). San Francisco immediately struck me as similar to Wellington because: it's on hills near water with some little islands, it has ridiculously changeable weather, and it just has that nice vibe that I got from New Zealand cities. Jeff and I walked a couple blocks to Little Chihuahua on Divisadero. We shared a plaintain and black bean burrito (AMAZING) and a grilled veggie taco (yum). They had lots of salsas and cool ambience. We walked along the street and saw some nice coffee shops and a comic store and a game store. Looks like a cool neighborhood!

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