Thursday, August 27, 2009

The last day in SF and campus

Our last day, Jeff and I attempted to eat at Assab, an Eritrean restaurant, but it was closed for lunch. Then we got some food from Bean Bag Cafe and some fruit from a fruit stand. Then we played Mario Kart Wii until it was time to head to the airport. The flight went smoothly, and we met a guy from Snow Hill, MD! We had trouble finding Jeff's mom's car because while she gave us a very specific location, she did not tell us which lot. The flight got in early, but between having to get luggage since it had to be gate checked and finding the car we got to Jeff's at 1:30. Then we had some mac n cheese, and then went to sleep. In the morning I stayed as long as I felt possible and then came to Williamsburg. Left my ID at Jeff's, which was annoying but he mailed it to me and I got it today. One of my headlights was dangling out but the campus police fixed it. Went to the activities fair and saw lots of people I knew. Today I had classes and picked up my ID and went to lunch with Zach and his new girlfriend Kat who I have Culture and Cuisine with. Went to Juggling Club and eventually Skittles showed up (besides me and Sabrina) and we also got 2 new freshman, a guy named London and a guy named Joe. Then I hung out with Edris for a while and now I am procrastinating going to bed for some reason. Mom is coming to help me move the rest of my stuff tomorrow. I also talked to Will on the phone for a little while which was nice.

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