Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Upper Haight, Golden Gate Park, Buena Vista Park

This morning Jeff and I got up around 10:30 and took showers. Then we went to breakfast at Mojo Café (I think) on Divisadero which is a bicycle repair shop as well as a café. We got bagels (poppyseed for me; sesame for Jeff). Then we came back and started walking around the Haight with Patrick. We started off in Lower Haight but it was pretty dead so we went to Upper Haight (literally it's up a hill). It is certainly a hippy part of the city. Lots of smoke shops, Tibet shops, hippy stores, and funky thrift stores. First though we went in the anarchist book shop. They had a list of all the free food in SF by day of the week. After that we started going into thrift stores. At the first one, Crossroads, I found a good purse but decided to get them to hold it and shop around. We went in lots of other ones. I finally found a really cute little dress at Buffalo Exchange. We walked all the way down to where Haight runs into Golden Gate Park. Then we walked into the park a ways, through a tunnel and to hippy hill. We sat there watching people for a while. I saw an adorable puppy. After that we walked back to meet up with Tracy. On the way a girl was like "hey I see you're walking with a hot girl, can I follow you home?" I laughed and then realized I had just been paid a nice compliment. We found Tracy and walked up the other side of the street. We stopped in at more thrift stores and at Loyal Army which has really REALLY adorable t-shirts. After that I bought the purse from Crossroads and met everyone back in Buffalo Exchange because Tracy wanted to look there. It was nearly 3 by this point, so we decided to grab lunch at the Pork Store Café. I know what you're thinking - but you've gone vegetarian this month! However, it was vegetarian and even vegan friendly, as nearly every restaurant seems to be in this city. I got a California Veggie Burger which was a garden burger with avocado, sprouts, tomato, lettuce, and jack cheese. It was delicious, though I opted for the salad instead of fries but was less than impressed with the salad (though it did have green peppers!). After that we made our way back to Patrick's. Before that though, Jeff and I went up into Buena Vista Park, to see the good view it had to offer (and, oh yes, it lived up to its name). The fog was rolling in over the city; it was magnificent. So that was a nice little hike. On the way back we stopped in a comics shop and I got the second Y the Last Man hardbound volume. Then we went to the truffle store (both of these were on Divisadero) and got some truffles. Looking forward to eating those! Next Jeff and I played some Wii at the apartment (yes, there's a Wii - it's a really sweet apartment, and has lots of electronics thanks to the roommate that works for Google). We played Mario Kart and Mario Party. After that all of us went to On the Corner Café, which is indeed on the corner of Divisadero and Oak. Jeff and I both got the Buffalo Mozzarella Pesto sandwich, which was incredibly good. Patrick's friend Sarah was there for a while, and after she left we attempted to play Agricola (this café had lots of board games) but failed because none of us knew how and it was really complex. So instead we played Ticket to Ride which I love and Jeff won (doesn't he always?). I talked to Amy and she is really excited about tomorrow - so am I! Though it means I'm leaving San Francisco, a city about which there is nothing I don't love. Oh well, we are coming back for a bit later!

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