Monday, August 17, 2009

Stanley Park and stuff

We were supposed to get up at 10 (and Jeff and I did and took showers) but everybody else moved slowly. We eventually got out of Laura's house and took her to an apartment she was looking at and then went to a park and looked at the water and the view. There were blackberry bushes and we ate blackberries off them. Then we went to go to the Kits festival in Kitsilano but it wasn't on the street. We eventually found the festival on the beach, but it was more a sports thing than a hippie thing. We then went to Stanley Park and went to Prospect Point which was beautiful and then went to Second Beach and walked on the seawall. After that we went to Naam, a vegetarian restaurant which is really popular and had a big line. We met Gavin and Liisa there. It took a really long time to get our food and we had to split up the group, but the food was really delicious. I got an enchilada and also got double charged (I paid for the whole bill but Liisa also paid in cash). Then we went to Calhoun's for tea and talking. Now we're going to go to bed.

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